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Very large emails

This is just what I needed earlier this week: Dropload
lets you transfer large (up to 100MB) files, and makes it accessible to anyone with an email-address. Firmly in the "duh - why did nobody think of that before" category ;-).

Via Josh Rubin

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If you send large email attachments often or if you need to know whether the recipient has opened an attachment, you may want to give Mailonator a try.

Mailonator is server-side software that makes it easy to use your regular email tool to send large emails to anyone, even to recipients with storage limitations on their Inbox.
When you send emails from a Mailonator-enabled email account, Mailonator automatically removes each attachment from your emails and replaces every attachment with a unique link. Your recipients can download the attachments with just a click.

Posted by: Mailonator | 26 Mar 2005 16:56:50

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