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NEW route from Edinburgh to Munich

Here we go, another try by Easyjet this time. After Duo failed and BMI never got of the ground it must be third time lucky. I can't wait it would make my life so much easier. Probably only one flight per day, timetable to follow in December, stay tuned.

easyJet.com - NEW route from Edinburgh to Munich

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Gold Class cinema experience

One of my favorite cinemas in Edinburgh is the Dominion. It has long ago started to differentiate itself by putting in swish leather couches and reclining seats., complete with complimentary drinks at weekend showings etc. Now it created a a seperate website for that experience and I was able to pay through PayPal - How cool is that? Nonen of these nonsense IVR systems including booking fees for the pleasure of serving yourself and saving the (usually chain) money in the process. James Bond roll on ;-)

Dominion Cinema Gold Class

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