28k Spam and counting


Whoever said the spam problem was going to be solved in 2006 or whatever is clearly wrong, at least in the sense that there is still plenty about. You don't really see how much you receive, but at the beginning of the year I have taken to letting filtered spam accumulate. Google automatically deletes spam after 30 days. So at the moment I receive nearly 1000 spam messages a day, and that ignores filters from accounts forwarded to gmail. After hovering at around 25k/month for ages the number is now trending up again. Respect to google as on most days I have to deal with no more than 10 spam mails personally. Gmail aggregates about 5 personal email addresses I use/have used.

So ok I haven't written much, but I thought I share this interesting tidbit with you.

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Checking out Live Writer.

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More European VCs blogging

Slowly the VCs are coming out of the woodwork, funny considering that they are all meant to be early adopters. The lastest I discovered is May Bleyleben, with the added benefit that he can write well, having been a journalist/researcher in an earlier life.

Link: Technofile

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Going to Reboot8

Yea. my favorite tech (un) conference Just surfing around the participants I notice this beautiful google maps mashup:

DaylightMap Beta

I'm looking forward to discovering more cool stuff over the next few days than during the past few months taken together.

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Skype reverse engineered

According to this presentation (by researchers at EADS Corporate Research of all places), Skype has been re-engineered, demonstrating that amongst other things you could run your own private skype network, do a "man in the middle attack" and, due to the encryption, cannot ensure that skype isn't used for malware attacks. Hmm.

Amusing Geek humour:


Via Dave Farber's Interesting People List

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Performancing 1.1.1 - Update now with Trackbacks

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Performancing - All Releases

All I really needed, better picture handling should be next.

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Going Bedoin

No this is not from the US Army field manual, but a nifty term to describe the reality of dislocated working. Doesn't just apply to startups!

Charter Street : Going Bedouin (Hat Tip gapingvoid)

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Testing performancing

HOW TO: Using Performancing for Firefox | Performancing.com

Looks pretty slick so far. I've been looking for a brwoser blogging extension, and flock dosn't work well enough yet, so I'm happy to duct tape this to my browser deck for now.

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Breed your own ringtones

WolframTones – very cool concept. Wolfram calls it «mining the computational universe», but in effect it’s just breeding. Actually, what this really needs in being paired with a threadless type engine where the coolest productions of others rise to the top. Customisation is cool, but it might take a while for average mortals to come up with a cool ringtone that they like – but there will be plenty of people who have the imagination _and_ time in spades…


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Very large emails

This is just what I needed earlier this week: Dropload
lets you transfer large (up to 100MB) files, and makes it accessible to anyone with an email-address. Firmly in the "duh - why did nobody think of that before" category ;-).

Via Josh Rubin

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