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Jason Calacanis

His talk was excellent fun with all the warstories and advice on how to put down the phone on people lawyers (don'T tell them in advance ;-). Of course he's fishing for trouble (calls it throwing pebbles down the hill and seeing which do start avalanches and then get behind them) but eg the gizmodo/siemens story was pretty amusing.

On a more serious point, jason showed off a new blogging plugin on his sites (for want of a better work, no link to hand). It's a trust system (editors award stars to readers who make relevant comments), but at the same time  grooms  commentators  to make the jump to the editorial roster.  Clever.  Even cleverer will be to open source it and establish it as a  standard across sites - good luck with that!

Interesting comments on RSS (dubs it really simple stealing - people ripping content and then buidling adsense farmsaround it to make money). An unsolved problem, which he predicts will make publishers stop to use full feeds (or use DRM oh the irony). Wikipedia (in the next talk) doesn't mind that but encourages it, and feels the benefits outweigh the forgone revenue. I wonder if Jason is missing something there.

Having met nick denton way back at first tuesday in 99 it was good to see what the other side of the two blogging networks is like.

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