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DLD Gaming Session

I'm taking the contrarian approach that the parallel social networking session looks interesting, but might not bring much new information.

Update: the games panel has not delivered just yet. I suppose seeing the demos of Crytek makes you realise why the games industry is a $92bn industry - I am constantly amazed at the quality and fidelity of even multiplayer online games.

Just now Guntram Graef of Anshe Chung Studios is speaking. It's quite funny how daintly he describes how his wife got started (roleplaying all sorts of activities, consult valleywag for what they really mean ;-). However property speculation is where the real money got made and now they are a full service consultancy for businesses to work in Second Life. They are even building a  campus for a church, to worship online. The mind boggles.

One of the big issues to emerge from multiplayer online games is what people call the production values, that is objects, structures etc that are created by users. Second Life being the best example of being practically nothing but a platform for such content.  I think it's great for people to be more productive and creative in that way. Never quite sure what is the right business model to hang off that, or indeed a fair one. However what was clear from the discussion is that this has a long way to go. In particular if you think that production values don't just extend to objects but also social structures (guilds etc), playing your own role in that. And then you could have derivatives of that - while people play, intrigue, fight or complete quests, why not open it up to spectators? I wonder what your person rights are for a film script of your latest heist in Eve online? Or a DVD of the greatest WoW battles told like a story?

The other thing I really liked in the panel was the demo of Flock, a student project at the Utrecht School of Arts. It's a cloaborative game where 5 people standing on small platforms have to jointly direct a flock onscreen. YOu can only succeed, go faster etc if your teamwork is good. I would love to use it as a recruting tool ;-)

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