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DLD has started

With a rather loud intro by image metrics. They make an amazing software that can translate the face of an actor on to an arbitrary face (it's rather like having a different skin for an actor), fully animated and very convincing. Actually very convincing at second glance but nonetheless. They were pretty pleased with themselves, I guess that's hollywood style. I wonder if they will end up making more money of the films than their clients ;-)

Next up Luc Besson, who comes over as very friendly and he does irony, which rather overtaxed his German interviewer. He will release a film next week that combines real and animated action (Arthur). It took seven years - perhaps with image metrics he will be able to do the (already announced) sequels in a fraction of that. Anyway, whatever image metrics can come up with in the end the story rules, at least that what the creators would have you believe.

He also makes a strong case for local state film finance, arguing that this is the most cost effective way of promoting your country. That's a better pitch than most I guess.

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