Bastei-Collection Live


If I have been quiet for a while then part of the reason was working hard on getting the DVDs of Bastei-Collection to market. These are romantic movies based on very popular stories published weekly in Germany. Amongst other things the web-shop is now live, but I also learnt how to set up a robust telephone ordering system and herd creative cats towards a production date. It was fun to do something really practical for a while, but no less stressful than finance stuff. If you are in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and still need a present for fans of romantic entertainment look no further!

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NEW route from Edinburgh to Munich

Here we go, another try by Easyjet this time. After Duo failed and BMI never got of the ground it must be third time lucky. I can't wait it would make my life so much easier. Probably only one flight per day, timetable to follow in December, stay tuned. - NEW route from Edinburgh to Munich

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Target Partners Thanksgiving Vernissage

Duckstpimgp0652It all went swimmingly for Target Partner's annual Thanksgiving Vernissage/Party in their long, open plan offices. No wonder the picture was one of the first to be sold. Almost more impressive than the very smooth organisation (apart from the also annual power failure at the beginning ;-) was the erie lack of any traces of work - as a notorious clutter fiend I can only imagine the agony of having to put away weeks' worth of carefully composed piles of paper and notes.

Generally there was a buzz about the place that had been missing for some time, reminding me of old First Tuesdays but in a good way. Wellington kindly went on a two year fundraising expedition in the wilderness, so that the rest of the German VCs are now able to raise money in their slipstream. Much backslapping about this fortuitous timing went on, only occasionally sobered by having still to slog it out on the fundraising trail ("Good to be on the other side for a while yadayada crocodile tear"). I wonder if they think of the entrepreneurs as customers as Fred argues.

As a bonus point I had my first "hey I read you blog" conversation, with a German crypto VC blogger no less. Alas he gave his up some time ago so no link love for tonight.


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EDI-MUC direct flights

YAY! Now book-able on the BMI site – direct flights from Edinburgh to Munich. I do hope that will become an institution. Plus, the times are decent: Morning and evening flights.


Only makes you wonder: what took them so long – Munich and Edinburgh are twinned, there should be plenty of business opportunities and the traditional hub-and-spoke model is so broken. Please all book flights to make sure this route survives.


Update: The route has been more or less confirmed by Lufthansa's UK Manager in this Herald article. It also says they retained the larger 737s on the EDI-FRA route due to demand and are looking at opening a Glasgow route. Cool.

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Peugeot 307 for sale

I’m selling my car. If you need a reliable, economical car in the golf class but better looking, the look no further. All details after the link, or contact me directly (florian (a) foundersunited dot de).

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Bavaria more competitive than Germany

Says the I M D - World Competitiveness Yearbook - Ranking 2004: Bavaria (20th) is one place ahead on Germany as a whole at 21st rank. Scotland, also dear to my heart, ranks only 36th to the UKs 22nd.

PS: perhaps Mr Barroso knew about the ranking when he decided to make his first official visit to Germany to Bavaria?

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